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ATU celebrates 125th anniversary With Fight To Fix The Bus Driver Workstation


Amalgamated Transit Union International President Larry Hanley released the following statement to mark the 125th anniversary of the ATU.

“One hundred twenty-five years ago, today, in order to “disenthrall themselves from the slavery of long hours and burdensome toil,” 52 transit workers assembled in Indianapolis, IN, to form the Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Employees of America, now the Amalgamated Transit Union. It was the birth of the largest and most successful transit worker movement in North America – a labor union that’s still fighting for its members, and all workers today.

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What is the Kirby GO station and why did it get approved?

Metrolinx is adding new stations as part of a major expansion. The Kirby site is 10 km. north of Toronto on GO’s Barrie line, in Liberal Minister Steven Del Duca’s riding of Vaughan.

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Metrolinx Releases RFP to Study Hydrogen-Powered GO Trains

Today, September 15, Metrolinx issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for what it calls “Bi-Level Electric Multiple Unit Concept Design Services”. In a press release, the Ontario Government describes the purpose of the RFP by stating the following: “As part of planning the electrification, Ontario is undertaking a feasibility study on the use of hydrogen fuel cells. Recent advances in the use of hydrogen fuel cells to power electric trains in other jurisdictions makes it important that Ontario consider this clean electric technology as an alternative to conventional overhead wires. The Hydrogen Rail (Hydrail) Feasibility Study will inform a decision on how Ontario will proceed with the electrification of GO rail services.”


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On Metrolinx’s approval of using Student Universal Transit Passes on Presto cards

On September 14th, Metrolinx announced at their Board of Directors meeting that the Presto card will now be enabled with functionality that will support the use of any existing Universal Transit Passes that student unions or universities and colleges may offer. This is an important step towards the province’s goal of fare integration, and this is something that students have been calling for since the creation of the Presto card program.

According to Metrolinx “The PRESTO enabled University pass (UPASS) program coming this fall will offer an automated solution for discounted fares to university students within their jurisdiction.” Robert Hollis, Executive Vice President, Presto presenting this along with other issues during his report to the board.

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