Ford’s Transit Plan is Not on Track for the People

Toronto–In light of the pending “subway upload,” the Canadian President of the Amalgamated Transit Union is questioning Doug Ford’s allegiances to transit riders.

This morning, at an event hosted by the Toronto Board of Trade, Transportation Minister, Jeff Yurek announced that legislation will be introduced tomorrow to upload the subway infrastructure from Toronto to the province. The Province’s transit announcement comes before the release of the province commissioned Lindsay Report, and before any consultations with the public or the members of ATU Canada.

“He claims to be ‘For the People,’ but Ford hasn’t conducted a single consultation with front-line transit professionals” said President John Di Nino, who was, himself, a maintenance worker at the TTC for over 30 years. “Ford will sit down with Fox News, Wall Street and rich donors, but he has not sat down with the women and men who move this province: the transit professionals of the Amalgamated Transit Union,” added Di Nino.

As the experts in transit with over 120 years of experience in Toronto, ATU Canada demands that Premier Ford sit down with ATU Canada and sign an agreement guaranteeing current and future work will continue to be done by Amalgamated Transit Union professionals.

“Premier Ford has said absolutely nothing about funding transit operations,” said Di Nino. “Based on everything we know about how Ford functions, we believe this is a developer-oriented transit plan, not a rider-oriented transit plan. If he were serious about making transit better for the people, he would be talking with the people on the front-lines.”

ATU Canada Represents 34,000 Transit Professionals Across Canada and over 16,000 transit workers in Ontario. 


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