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Good afternoon and Happy Canada Day!

I would like to clarify the threat that we are facing as a union if Right to Work legislation comes to Canada. I have credible information that governments in Alberta and Ontario are going to introduce Right to Work legislation by the end of the year. If this happens, we risk losing our members in an open shop environment. This would be devastating to our union and to the labour movement as a whole. For the local leaders who have not yet confirmed their attendance, I am extending the invitation again: the training that we are offering is a first step in preparing our leaders to resist this imminent threat. Alberta is likely the first province to introduce this legislation:

“…. by introducing a form of opt-in partial union dues, the UCP may be releasing the proverbial canary into the coal mine to test the political and legal environment for a broader subsequent shift towards something more fundamental, perhaps even an American style “right to work” model in some form.” (http://lawofwork.ca/?p=9681)

Once again, we are conducting registration using Survey Monkey and we ask that EACH attendee fills out the online registration form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TrainingRegistrationRTW

416 938 0746

Sean Wilson

We would like to thank Sean Wilson for all of his hard work!