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Union Meetings

The Warden shall take charge of the door of the meeting room and shall see that only members or guests authorized by the Executive Board are allowed to enter. He shall direct members to sign the Register of Attendance and shall extend those courtesies, and exercise that authority necessary for proper supervision of admission to the meetings of the Local Union.

The Register of Attendance shall be closed by the President/Business Agent thirty (30) minutes after the meeting begins and no member or guest shall be entitled to sign after the Register is closed.


Twenty (20) members at a General Meeting, exclusive of the President, Vice-President & Financial Secretary-Treasurer shall constitute a quorum to do business.


Types of Meetings
There shall be two types of meetings – Regular General and Special.

a) Regular General Meetings

The Regular General Meetings shall be held on the second Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. or as designated by the Executive Board. The meeting will be held at the place designated by the Executive Board.

b) Special Meetings

The Special Meetings may be held at the discretion of the President/Business Agent who in doing so shall act on the authority of the Executive Board or by petition in writing signed by one-third or more of the members.


Duration of Meetings

Duration of meetings shall not exceed three (3) hours. Only by a motion and a majority vote of the members present may the length of the meeting be extended.


Postponement or Cancellation of a Meeting

a) The meeting called for a certain time at a certain place and the number of members necessary for a quorum not being present at fifteen (15) minutes after the time at which the meeting was to have been called to order shall be cancelled.

b) In the event that no meeting is held for lack of a quorum, actions of the Executive Board, which would have been reported to the membership at that meeting, shall become final and binding upon the Local Union without further by the membership.


Duration of Speech During Debate

The duration of any speech by any member upon any question at any meeting shall not exceed three (3) minutes except with permission of the chairperson. No member shall speak more than once on any subject until all members have received an opportunity to be heard.


Notice of Motion

A Notice of Motion must be submitted in writing at any General Meeting of the Local Union on the designated form (available from the Financial Secretary-Treasurer or Warden). Such Notice of Motion to be read and laid on the table until the next General Meeting, to be posted, and resolved by the vote of the members present. A two-thirds majority of the members voting is necessary to adopt any motion to change the By-Laws or the dues structure.


Order of Business for Local Union Meetings

The Constitution and Local Union By-Laws and Roberts’ Rules of Order shall be used as a guide to conduct any and all meetings. The following order is generally to be followed at meetings:

1. Call to Order by the chairperson
2. Roll call of Officers, Board Members, Shop Stewards, and Warden
3. Reading of the minutes of previous meeting
4. Communications
5. President’s Report
6. Report of Grievance Officer and Board Members
7. Report of Delegates
8. Report of Committees
9. Unfinished business
10. New business and welfare of the Local Union
11. Nominations for the Election of Officers
12. Installation of Officers
13. Financial Report
14. Adjournment